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ESPN NFL 2K5 roster save files available for original Xbox and PlayStation 2 (PS2).

Rosters & Franchise files:
ESPN NFL 2K5 roster files for either original Xbox or PlayStation 2. Select from a historical season. A roster file is for exhibition and multiplayer games, a franchise file is for franchise mode. Only the files that say "franchise" will have a franchise file. A season roster includes the players from that season with full names and appropriate attributes.

If there's a season roster that you want but don't see below, then you can send us a link to the webpage and we'll put the roster on memory for PS2 and/or original Xbox under a custom order. Contact us first before making a custom order.

Historic Team Files:
Individual historic team save files with real names as well as season rosters and franchise files. Currently only available for original Xbox. All 100x individual historic team files will be included with purchase. A historic team includes the players from that team with full names and appropriate attributes. See the option "X100" at checkout.

PlayStation 2 save files arrive on a PS2 memory card. Original Xbox save files arrive on a USB with cable adapter
(works as simple as plug & play)

*The files available vary upon original Xbox and PS2, see below for details. The individual historic team files are currently only available for original Xbox. These files are only available for NTSC (North American) USA, Canada, Mexico version of ESPN NFL 2K5.
XBOX: (Made for original Xbox game system)

XX:) Custom (XBOX)
X100:) 100x historic single teams (real names)
X1:) 2018-19 roster (XBOX)
X2:) 2017-18 roster (XBOX)
X3:) 2016-17 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X4:) 2015-16 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X5:) 2014-15 roster (XBOX)
X6:) 2013-14 roster (XBOX)
X7:) 2011-12 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X8:) 2010-11 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X9:) 2009-10 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X10:) 2008-09 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X11:) 2007-08 roster (XBOX)
X12:) 2006-07 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X13:) 2005-06 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X14:) 1999-00 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X15:) 1998-99 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X16:) 1997-98 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X17:) 1996-97 roster (XBOX)
X18:) 1995-96 roster (XBOX)
X19:) 1994-95 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X20:) 1993-94 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X21:) 1992-93 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X22:) 1991-92 roster (XBOX)
X23:) 1990-91 roster (XBOX)
X24:) 1989-90 roster (XBOX)
X25:) 1988-89 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X26:) 1986-87 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X27:) 1985-86 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X28:) 1984-85 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X29:) 1983-84 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X30:) 1981-82 roster + franchise (XBOX)
X31:) 1979-80 roster (XBOX)
PlayStation 2: (Made for PS2 game system)

PX:) Custom (PS2)
P1:) 2012-13 roster + franchise (PS2)
P2:) 2011-12 roster + franchise (PS2)
P3:) 2010-11 roster + franchise (PS2)
P4:) 2009-10 roster + franchise (PS2)
P5:) 2008-09 roster + franchise (PS2)
P6:) 2006-07 roster (PS2)
P7:) 2005-06 franchise (PS2)
P8:) 1992-93 roster + franchise (PS2)
P9:) 1987-88 roster + franchise (PS2)
P10:) 1986-87 roster + franchise (PS2)

100x Single Team Rosters:
XBOX: (Made for original Xbox game system)

X100:) 100x historic single teams (real names)

• Vikings: 98, 74, 73, 69
• Titans 99
• Texans 07, 62
• Steelers 97, 78, 74, 75, 95
• Seahawks 84, 99
• Saints: 91, 00
• Redskins: 87, 82, 72, 91
• Ravens: 00
• Rams 99, 84, 79, 67,
• Raiders 83, 76
• Patriots 85, 07, 03, 01
• Panthers 96, 03, 04
• Packers 96, 66, 67, 04
• Oilers 93, 79, 61
• Lions 91, 70, 53
• Jets 98, 68
• Jaguars 99, 07
• Giants 86, 70, 63, 56
• Falcons 98, 80,
• Eagles 03, 80,
• Dolphins 84, 73, 72, 71,
• Cowboys 92, 77, 71, 70, 67
• Colts 77, 70, 68, 06,
• Chiefs 93, 69, 66
• Chargers 94, 80, 63
• Cards 75, 98
• Buccaneers 79, 02, 99
• Browns 86, 72, 65, 64
• Broncos 98, 86, 77,
• Bill 90, 73, 64
• Bengals 88, 81
• Bears 85, 65, 63
• 49ers 94, 89, 81, 70, 02


Xbox Source:
PS2 Source:

Custom season rosters is a different buying option because you (customer) are providing the save file. Once you have a save file (roster/franchise) for ESPN NFL 2K5 you want to use, then you are ready to purchase this order. See details below on how it works.

You are required to provide the link to the save file. We will then verify the file and send it to you.

Custom save files for ESPN NFL 2K5. If you have the roster/franchise save file you want us make ready for you, then contact us to make your order.

Here is how this item works shown in steps. This is for either PS2 or original Xbox, to be played on actual hardware.

1. Locate a roster save file online for ESPN NFL 2K5. We only need the link URL. It is found via online search. Search something like “NFL 2K5 2023 roster”. It may be found via online search, YouTube search or in a forum named operationsports.

2. You will require the the system such as PS2 or original Xbox

3. You will require the game disc of ESPN NFL 2K5 for the system you have

4. That is all. We will then put the roster file you found on either a PS2 memory card for PS2 or a USB + cable adapter for original Xbox. Either way, the memory is easily readable on your system. Mods are not required.


Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is the game included in any way?

A: No. You are required to have the game in order to use these save files.
Q: I see a file save that has updated stadiums, city names and even updated photos of the players, will those updates also be included?

A: No. Only the rosters will be updated. If you find a find a file with these updates it is not meant and cannot work on original hardware such as original Xbox and/or PlayStation 2 consoles. Again, it is impossible to update player photos, city names and stadiums on original hardware. However, the rosters will be updated.
Q: What is the return policy?

A: If your item was lost or does not function, we will re-ship you the item. Otherwise, all sales are final.
Q: Does my game system have to be modded to use these save files?

A: No.
Q: Will the PS2 game-saves on PS2 memory card work on any model PS2?

A: Yes, however the game-save of an NTSC game requires an NTSC system. NTSC is the region for North America (USA/Canada/Mexico). PAL is the region for Europe, Australia etc. In short, NTSC save files require an NTSC game system.
Q: Do the original Xbox saves work on Xbox 360?

A: No.
Q: Are the original Xbox saves ready to plug and play on my Xbox?

A: Yes, all you need is the game. When you receive our memory device, it’s as simple as plug and play after you load the save files. You don’t need any buy any other items.
Q: Do the original Xbox save files require my Xbox to be soft-modded or modded in any way?

A: No.
Q: What does the original Xbox version include?

A: It includes a USB and cable adapter that connects directly to the original Xbox. It’s as simple as plug and use. No extra accessories are required.
Q: Will the image of the game logo be on the memory card?

A: No. The image on the memory card is just to promote the listing.
Q: Can I request a game-save file that is not listed?

A: Yes, contact us.
Q: If I order for original Xbox does it work just like a memory card?

A: Yes, we provide the cable and the USB, it connects directly to your Xbox and appears exactly like a memory card.
Q: Can you make these roster save files work for "XBOX 360"?

A: No. The Xbox saves are only for the original Xbox not the Xbox 360.
Q: If I order for the PlayStation 3 how would I use it?

A: The PlayStation 3 USB is only for backwards compatible PS3's that play PS2 game discs. The roster save file is still for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. You can find out if your PS3 is backwards compatible by checking to see if it plays PS2 game discs.

Note: The PS3 slim and super slim systems are not backwards compatible. Also, not all fat (phat) PS3 systems are backwards compatible.
Q: If I find a roster save file online can you put it on a memory device and ship it?

A: Yes, we will put the roster save file that you find on a memory device for you. You are required to provide the roster save file URL before purchasing. Please contact us for details.
Q: What are the UPC codes of ESPN NFL 2K5

A: PlayStation 2 version of ESPN NFL 2K5 UPC 710425276101, Original Xbox version of ESPN NFL 2K5 UPC 710425296116

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