Original Xbox Softmod Kit

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Original Xbox Softmod Kit

Xbox Softmod Kit for original Xbox.

Installs Softmod on Your Original Xbox in Minutes.

Unleash the true potential of your original Xbox with the Xbox Softmod Kit. Experience all new features such as playing emulators, ROMs, XBMC, homebrew, import & burned Xbox games.

Mod your Xbox in minutes without the use of a modchip. Our Xbox Softmod Kit is a USB/memory card pre-loaded with the soft-mod files, the game Splinter Cell allows you to access these soft-mod files to mod your Xbox.

Easy to use, simply plug the Xbox Softmod Kit to your Xbox and our picture tutorial will guide you through. It only takes 5 minutes to install.

The complete Xbox Softmod Kit includes the following items:

• USB: made for original Xbox (pre-loaded with Xbox Softmod files)
• USB CABLE ADAPTER: (to connect the USB directly to the Xbox)
• SPLINTER CELL DISC: (required to install Xbox Softmod from USB)

*View our Xbox Softmod Kit tutorial at https://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com/p/tutorial.html


Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) Xbox/PS2:

Q: What is NTSC and PAL?

A: NTSC is for the version that works for the region of North American (USA, Canada, Mexico), PAL is the version that works in regions like Europe, Australia etc.
Q: Why is the PAL version with disc more expensive?

A: The PAL version with disc is more expensive because the Splinter Cell game disc required for PAL cost much more to import to us here in the USA.
Q: Are there any games included in any way?

A: No games are included except Splinter Cell (if added to cart), it is a requirement to install the softmod from the save files.
Q: What is the return policy?

A: If your item was lost or does not function, we will re-ship you the item. Otherwise, all sales are final.
Q: Will this Xbox Softmod Kit soft-mod any version of my original Xbox?

A: Yes, it will soft-mod any version of your original Xbox.
*It will not work on Xbox 360, Xbox One or Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X.
Q: Do the original Xbox saves work on Xbox 360?

A: No.
Q: Are the original Xbox saves ready to plug and play on my Xbox?

A: Yes, all you need is the game. When you receive our memory device, it’s as simple as plug and play after you load the save files to install the softmod. You don’t need any buy any other items.
Q: What does the original Xbox version include?

A: It includes a USB and cable adapter that connects directly to the original Xbox. It’s as simple as plug and use. No extra accessories are required.
Q: Will the image of the game logo be on the memory card?

A: No. The image on the memory card is just to promote the listing.
Q: Can I request a game-save file that is not listed?

A: Yes, contact us.
Shipping Information:

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CANADA: $14.99


*International orders are take 6-15 business days to arrive.

*Business days are Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.