Dot .hack (save files) on one PS2 memory card. NTSC, PAL available. These are save files, game is not included, game is required to use these save files.

The save files include save files:

• .hackG.U. vol. 1 Rebirth
Ryu Book Complete/All BGM unlocked/All Wallpapers unlocked/Have "OWN KING" /Every quest Completed/Every Side quest Completed/All characters' weapon skills are lv10/--ALL READY FOR VOLUME 2--)

• .hackG.U. vol. 2 Reminisce
CLEAR DATA - .hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce, max levels, max affection, all vol 2 wallpapers+bgm, all quests done, all Ryu books done, ready for vol 3.)

• .hackG.U. vol. 3 Redemption
Ultimate Save. Saved at beginning of vol3, almost all vol1 vol2 items completed (missed 1 Vol1 item, 1 Vol2 item), a lot of money, strong char.)

• .hack Infection Part 1
5 saves. Save marked "Kite" is complete with all character’s level 32+ with rare weapons, all Ryu Books maxed, Zeit runs complete, Grunties complete, Bonus Boss complete, Easter Egg keywords used, Goblins complete, all but 2 stat books traded for.

• .hack Mutation Part 2
Cleared game with all rare weapons, characters maxed and books completed.

• .hack Outbreak Part 3
Cleared save, with max characters, best weapons.

• .hackQuarantine Part 4
Everything complete except item quest.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) PS2:

Q: Is the game included in any way?

A: No. You are required to have the game in order to use these save files.
Q: What is the return policy?

A: If your item was lost or does not function, we will re-ship you the item. Otherwise, all sales are final.
Q: Will this save work on the downloaded PS2 version of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns that I have downloaded on my PlayStation 3 (PS3)?

A: Yes, you may request a USB version to plug directly into your PS3 or if you have the memory card adapter we can send you the PS2 memory card version.
Q: Does my game system have to be modded to use these save files?

A: No.
Q: Will the PS2 game-saves on PS2 memory card work on any model PS2?

A: Yes, however the game-save of an NTSC game requires an NTSC system. NTSC is the region for North America (USA/Canada/Mexico). PAL is the region for Europe, Australia etc. In short, NTSC save files require an NTSC game system.
Q: Will the image of the game logo be on the memory card?

A: No. The image on the memory card is just to promote the listing.
Q: Can I request a game-save file that is not listed?

A: Yes, contact us.